Our First Partnership!

Shortly after launching on February 4th, I came across Pink Warrior Angels on Instagram. I was drawn to their story and their purpose and became an instant admirer. Only a couple weeks later, I received an email from co-founder Julie Moser. After our first phone call, I knew these women would be a part of my life. Not only did they invite me to share their table at Young Survivor Coalition (another blog post coming soon on my experience), but they took me under their wings and helped me navigate this amazing cancer non-profit world I was now a part of. Partnering with them was the easiest decision and I am beyond proud to contribute to their organization. We curated a custom care package that will be sent to the warriors of Pink Warrior Angels. Soon, it will be available on our website for supporters to sponsor a care package. But in the meantime, below is the insert included in our cobranded care packages so you can see more on our story.



Pink Warrior Angels was founded by Jen Reynolds and Julie Moser, two breast cancer survivors diagnosed under the age of 40. Both felt extremely alone and having struggled to connect with other women while going through treatment, they turned to social media in hopes of finding support. Eventually, they found each other through a hashtag documenting Jen's hair growth post chemo. Pink Warrior Angels was founded less than two years later and provides both emotional and financial support to women battling breast cancer. 

Handled with Care was founded by Melanie after her mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Melanie began putting together care packages for the men and women receiving chemo treatments with her mom. These care packages were as functional as they were uplifting with items that engage, encourage and help ease the side effects people endure during chemo.

Pink Warrior Angels and Handled with Care also connected through a hashtag on Instagram and have partnered to send you this care package. The contents of this package were specially chosen with hope that it brightens your day and soothes the side effects of chemo. And to remind you how incredibly brave and loved you are every step of the way.

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