And We're Live! A Bittersweet Launch

Losing my mom to Stage 4 breast cancer is by far the most difficult thing I've ever experienced, something I continue to struggle with daily.  I'll never know if she realized how much she inspired me - to be better, to be more, to help those battling cancer. To brighten their day, to help ease their pain and remind them how brave they are. To provide those who have a loved one battling cancer an alternative to sending flowers, a way to feel less helpless while also helping ease their loved one's side effects from chemo.  
My mom did all of that for me through her own two year fight, with her superhero strength and her positive spirit. And while I am forever grateful for everyone's support, input and continued patience during the countless "do you like this or that" scenarios (and for #wuacreative bringing my vision to life more perfectly than I could've ever imagined), nothing got me to today more than my mom. Handled with Care launches today in her honor and her memory.
I hope that every chemo warrior that receives a care package from HWC knows that it was made with love, hope and prayer for healing.

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  • This is a great thing you are doing. I have stage 4 esophagus cancer and I know something like this would have been nice.

    Paul Cacciola

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